Logs of the creation of bitesyzedtechdiary

A very smart idea

To help focus on discovering and learning tech, blog about it!

How very original.

Implementing said idea

Of course I was going to use Jekyll!

I love Jekyll. But my problems always arise from trying to combine Jekyll with GitHub Pages.

GitHub introduces a lot of opaque abstractions!

Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t read the docs clearly.

Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t read the source properly.

Oh wait, I don’t speak Ruby.

Docker for Dev; Dev for Docker

And I had to Dockerise the local development environment! I am not a barbarian. Just a bit bound to overengineer.

Anyway, I had reference material from doing this once before after all, right?

I was wrong.

Past experience provided paltry assistance

I tried copying exactly as is, but still could not get the local server to render styles.

The previous project was created using jekyll new . – something I decided not to do this time.


So now I am stuck with an unstyled blog in local, and a styled one on the web. I could have just started writing the blog, because the content is what matters more; but no. I am leaving this stuck for today.