Testing out my site a long time after deploying it, I noticed there are broken links. The links worked perfectly in my local setup, even after setting baseurl and testing things. But lovely GitHub Pages kept breaking it.

Perhaps it’s just that GitHub Pages isn’t handling {%post_url ...%} as it should? BUT IT SHOULDN’T HAVE TO HANDLE ANYTHING! It’s already baked into Jekyll. ARGH, GITHUB PAGESSS!

The RSS feed was not generated either. Again, something that generated just fine in my local environment.

But speaking of RSS, what is it really?

I decided to try something out. And landed upon NewsBlur.

Google knows me too well and suggested open source solutions when all I searched for was synced rss feed – which in hindsight should’ve been rss reader or something.

Back on topic, NewsBlur looks pretty cool. I tried the Android app. It seems slightly clunky in terms of UI. But I feel it would be a pretty good reading experience.

As I write this…

in VSCode right before bed, and think about how I need to commit and push, and enter passphrases for both…

I need a neater CMS solution

I remember Netlify came with NetlifyCMS. I had used that for my other blog. But I don’t know if I would use it again.

I am slightly tempted to make my own, but also thinking of trying out content platforms. I have no idea what they are, I remember Fireship once made a video on YouTube and that I started watching and fell asleep, registering none of it.

Yak shaving

But undoubtedly I am beginning to shave my yak, a term I learnt today from Twitter and by going. down. a rabbit hole. or should I say, shaving my yak?

Each of those groups of words is a separate link, but I doubt it’s going to be rendered in any way to indicate so.

I suppose I know what the yak I will shave tomorrow.